Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report

Corio Bay

Corio Bay continues to fish very well for snapper over this past week with the inner and outer harbour producing great reports. King George Whiting remain a popular target species for anglers casting soft plastics having fantastic success, Worm profile plastics have been by far the most effective with anglers landing quality fish to over 40cm. Snapper are still chewing right through the region with most of the ‘known’ hot spots producing fish to over 6kg. Plenty of fish around the 2kg mark which make a great eating size. Anglers fishing with pilchards and squid have been doing very well or fresh pike, this has been very effective lately



The Queenscliff cut has been offering some fantastic land based action for anglers lately getting stuck into Silver Trevally, Pinkie snapper and salmon! All species have been snatching up soft Plastics and bait, 4” plastic have proved to be lethal lately. Anglers have been landing snapper to over 60cm and trevally to over 50cm so there is definitely some quality fish on offer.



Offshore Barwon heads has been infested with Snapper this past week with anglers finding large numbers of fish all over the area. Drifting in 55m of water straight off the bluff has been the prime location to start looking and lately you haven’t needed to sound for too long as there seems to be school everywhere. Squid rings, Squid strips, fresh flesh baits and pilchards have all been a hot favourite.


Stoney Creek Reservoir

Stoney Creek Reservoir has been offering some fantastic redfin fishing lately with large numbers holding in close to the rock wall. Peri and Adam from Trellys Geelong had a quick after work session there during the week landing 15-20 Redfin in less than an hour.  2.5 – 3 inch soft plastics in an assortment of colours was doing the damage for the boys.


Goulburn River 


The Goulburn is dropping daily and hopefully will be back to a normal level. Access will still be a little tricky with the muddy banks but don’t let that discourage you from chasing a cod early in the season. With the water not super clean we suggest to go for lures with presence in the water. Big bladed Spinnerbaits such as the Old Mate Spinnerbaits are perfect in dirty water with the big single blade throwing a heap of vibration. If you're going for a top water bite throw on a tremor or a Bassman Aussie crawler these 2 lures were stand outs last season for big fish. Bait fishing around the edges with cheese or chicken baits will be a great way to open up the cod season rally board for those who enjoy bait fishing. Remember to get into your local Trellys not only for your bait and lures but also your mozzy repellents as they are very friendly at the moment. 

Irrigation Channels


There have been some promising reports this past week in the local irrigation channels around Shepparton, Murchison and also around the Basin with some nice Yellowbelly being caught in numerous different ways. Those lure fishing have found Fishing the below waters of a drop bar has been a spinnerbait bite or small crank baits with Yellowbelly and Redfin reported. Above the drop bars hopping blades vertically has resulted in a number of Redfin catches. Fishing the bridges with TN60 jackals has also been a great method this past week. There has been a lot of cod caught this spring while targeting Yellowbelly and Redfin so let’s hope the cod chew regularly this cod opening. Bait fishing the week has been all about yabbies with bobbing them around structure working best followed by scrub worms around the grassy edges. Yellowbelly and carp have been reported using those methods with the odd Redfin caught especially on the yabbies. 




Lake Eppalock 


It might be cod season but everyone is flocking to Eppalock to chase Redfin as they have been absolutely on fire lately. Bags of 50/100 fish have not been upcoming from the reports we have been receiving and it’s been both a lure and bait bite. Steeper banks in around 2/3 meters of water have been a great way to bait fish with worms being the bait of choice. Bait fishing from the bank has also been successful with a heap of Redfin and carp caught on night crawlers, scrub worms and small yabbies. Trolling small divers and vibes has also worked this week for those on the water looking to troll up a feed of fish. Double hook ups with 2 fish on 1 lure are not uncommon. There are plenty of small fish being caught but some Redfin have been reported around the 35/38cm range amongst the smaller fish. 



Lake Mulwala 


It’s finally here the 2022 cod classic and it shapes up to be a cracker of an event with so many keen anglers heading to the annual event. Just Remember to stock up before hand at one of your local Trellys with all the best bait, lures and tackle to prepare you for the prestigious event. It’s going to be an interesting start to cod season at Mulwala with many people yet to fish the lake after the draw down earlier in the year. Following that in the past months many haven’t fished due to the fast-flowing waters. This season at Mulwala will be a lot of trial and error to start with but we think lures such as the tremors, big Biwaa soft plastics or the Bait sanity range of swimbaits are perfect options to start your cod season. Bait fishing, we would expect chicken, cheese and big yabbies to do well but you may need to weight your baits according to the flow of the water so make you come in and stock up on some different sized sinkers beforehand. 



Kialla Lakes 


The fishing is still running hot at Kialla and with the weather warming up we should continue to see great fishing.  Small chatter baits and blades have worked for Yellowbelly this week with Kaleb from The Facebook page relentless fishing co also having plenty of success using football jigs. It’s something that not many locals have put time Into but it’s a dynamite way to chase Yellowbelly especially at Kialla. It’s a pretty simple way to fish with a number of different ways to retrieve them from a super slow drag of your jig along the bottom or little hops and rod tip shakes. The idea is to make your jig look like a yabby so you don’t want any super-fast movements and a great way to see if your technique is to fast is to practise on the lawn or bank and watch how your jig looks as you visualise a yabby. It’s just important you have connection with your jig so sometimes starting with a heavier jig is best as you want to feel it rubbing over all the rocks and in the mud like a yabby would be doing. Bait fishing this week has been a little quiet with the odd report of fish being caught off grassy banks around the drop off point 6/8ft from the bank.