Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report

Corio Bay and the Outer Harbour

Weather is certainly making it challenging to find a break to get out and get stuck into the fishing action but with the short windows on offer anglers are wasting no time in getting stuck amongst the hot local action. The Inner and outer harbour of Corio Bay has had some fantastic numbers of Australian Salmon busting up in multiple areas of the bay. Usually easy to thanks to the large numbers of gannets diving into the water and the water turning to foam from them smashing up baitfish. The salmon have been feeding hard on Whitebait so a gulp Minnow in smelt or pearl watermelon would be a great option to run.

The Snapper reports have still been coming through with plenty of anglers having success with both bait and soft plastics accounting for plenty of fish. Adam from Trellys Geelong alongside his cousin Simon Welsh had a fantastic session after work during the week landing numerous Snapper to around 5kg all on soft Plastics. The boys had their best success on Gulp 5” Jerkshads. Bait Fishos have been getting amongst the action also with fish to over 6kg hitting the deck, Baits such as squid, salmon, pilchards and silver whiting have all been doing very well. Portarlington has been holding some fantastic numbers of fish also with anglers landing fish to a similar size as mentioned. Anglers have also been picking up some solid Blue Spot Flathead with fish to over 60cm for some.

The outer harbour has also been producing some fantastic whiting fishing as of late for anglers fishing with bait and soft plastics! Soft Plastics have been doing some serious damage on the whiting recently with anglers picking up bag limit captures and quality fish on offer. Gulp Turtle worms and hollow belly sand worms with stingers working well. Anglers using bait have also been picking up plenty of fish too, fishing the lead up to the high tide has been the best times to fish for both techniques.


Offshore Barwon Heads

The snapper plague offshore is still in full swing with anglers putting large numbers of fish on the deck, especially Gone Fishing Charters. Gone Fishing and the crew have been putting their customers on some insane numbers of pinkie snapper to about 3kg. Anglers have been have been having some great luck anchoring and drifting anywhere between 30 to 50 metres, yet again fresh blood baits and squid have been great options to run.


Goulburn & Broken Rivers 


Both rivers are slowly residing but access is still very limited. We have been getting some reports of Yellowbelly being caught on worms in the backwater pockets. Lure fishing has been a little tough but we did receive a report of a few Yellowbelly caught on small square bills in the shallows. Square bills are a great lure for the shallow edges and can roll over structure well. Hopefully as the water comes down, we get some better fishing conditions leading into cod opening. If the rivers are still high at the start of cod opening targeting the shallow flooded banks with surface lures will be a great way to chase cod locally. 


Kialla Lakes 


There has been plenty of action at Kialla Lakes lately with big mosquitoes and big Yellowbelly being active. Casting Codgers around the willow tree edges has worked well so has Spinnerbaits in black and red. Bait fishing has also been a good method lately with Redfin up to 36cms caught off the sand bar near the playground and Yellowbelly also caught along the rocky banks. Worms and shrimp have been the stand out baits with most fish being caught about 8/10ft from the bank near the drop off.



Lake Hume


The Yellowbelly at Hume are on fire with heaps of reports of Yellowbelly up to 60cms caught this past week. Grubbing trees or targeting wind-blown points has worked best from the reports we have been getting. Black gulps or 3inch Keitech easy shiner's have been the stand out baits around the trees with blades or TN60 jackals working well around the points. It’s not just Yellowbelly being caught at HumeThe Redfin are being reported in epic numbers with 100 fish in a session not uncommon. You have to pick through the smaller fish to get some better sized Redfin so be patient and don’t be scared to upsize your baits or lures. Vertically fishing ice jigs and blades has worked great so has burning spoons through the schools. Bait fishing around the trees has resulted in some good Yellowbelly and Redfin this week so has fishing from the bank. Worms have been best from the bank and worms bobbing around the trees have been great. 



Lake Eildon 


It’s only a week out from cod opening and the Yellowbelly are biting like they usually do earlier on in spring. With the temps not yet super warm there has been plenty of activity in the shallower bays and along the edges with fish feeding in the warmer water. Small crank baits and Spinnerbaits have worked around the edges so has beetle spin rigged plastics out wider in deeper areas of the bays. Mark Whitfield had a great little clip on his YouTube of a recent trip to Eildon chasing fish on beetle spin rigged plastics. Redfin are still being caught around the edges while targeting Yellowbelly and also around trees on worms. Bank fishing with cheese and worms has worked well for those targeting cod with some cod reported around the 65/70cm range this past week.