Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report

Corio Bay

With the weather making it challenging for anglers to get out for a fish there is still lots of good reports coming through as the fish don’t seem to mind this weather at all. Snapper have remained a popular target species this week with anglers hauling in some fantastic fish and they seem to be in good numbers also. The outer harbour of Corio Bay still remains the hot spot this week with plenty of areas producing fish. Clifton Springs, Avalon, the edge of the channel pretty much everywhere and Portarlington all holding great numbers of fish. Fishing on anchor with a spread of baits out along with a consistent burley trail as per usual is doing the damage. Anglers casting soft Plastics have been having some great success also with snapper certainty taking a liking into them. 4-5” Gulp, Zman and Keitech soft plastics have all been a hot favourite as of late, both natural and bright colours have been very effective.


St Leonards

To say St Leonards pier is a current snapper hotspot at the moment would be an understatement, it is on fire with reports coming in nearly daily of snapper to over 5kg being caught. Anglers launching pilchards and squid off the pier have been doing some serious damage, soft plastics probably won’t ideal here but if you want to soak a bait, this is the spot at the moment!



Queenscliff has been fishing very well for anglers chasing a feed of whiting and squid with bag limit captures of both species being very achievable and some quality fish amongst them bags also. The key for the squid is to find the cleaner water, there is a lot of filthy water about at the minute and it’s making it very tough for the squid to see and hunt.



Offshore Barwon Heads is still producing some fantastic snapper fishing at the moment and yet again gone fishing charters have been right in the thick of it all putting their customers on some fantastic fish. They’re seems to be a large number of fish ranging between 30-50cm along with plenty getting up and over 5kg.


Wurdi Buloc

Wurdi Buloc reservoir has been turning it on for some anglers this past week with Redfin, Brown and Rainbow Trout all on the chew. Casting off the rock wall with hardbody lures has been super effective with all species taking a liking to them. Rapala F7’s have been a hot pick over the past week.


Broken & Goulburn Rivers 

Both rivers around Shepparton have again been on the rise which has made fishing very difficult over the past week. The previous one weeks there was some reports of Yellowbelly being caught around the flooded banks especially those banks that are close the to main river. The flats further away from the actual river has not produced many fish so if it’s safe and you can access some flooded banks try worms or lures like Spinnerbaits.  



Lake Hume


The Redfin are going nuts at lake Hume with heaps of reports of 100s of fish caught in a day's fishing. Trolling small divers like the Old Mates or RMG crazy deeps have worked great. Vertically fishing ice jigs or blades has been dynamite for those who have located schools of fish with double hook ups not uncommon. Bait fishing in the schools or around the trees has also resulted in many numbers of fish captures. It’s not only fishing well from a boat but also bank fishing has been a successful method with worms and small yabbies being the stand out baits. 



Lake Eildon 


The Yellowbelly are now starting to become more and more active as every day goes by. Casting Spinnerbaits around Bonnie Doon has been a great method on the edges. If you are fishing deeper casting soft plastics or blades is the best method. There has been some Redfin reported vertically fishing black gulps or bobbing yabbies around flooded trees. There has not been a heap of big cod reports this week with a lot of cod reported around the 60/80cm range from both boat and bank. 



Lake Eppalock 


Lake Eppalock is another lake that is full and fishing super well. The Redfin are chewing on just about anything thrown at them. Soft plastics and vibes casting in around 6/8ft has been great with 20/30 Redfin not uncommon in a couple hour session. Bait fishing from the bank for both Redfin and Carp has also been great with plenty of smaller Redfin reported amongst some bigger 35/38cm models. The Yellowbelly are starting to fire up as well with trolling small hardbodies working great. Yellowbelly are also being caught on crank baits and Spinnerbaits around timber and across points.