Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report


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Outer Harbour

Snapper reports are continuing to get better and better with reports becoming more consistent and with the water temp increasing we should only see it get better and better. The inner harbour is still producing reports but the outer harbour is definitely the zone to be at the moment with the reports more consistent and bigger fish! Anglers fishing with baits along the edge of the channel have been pulling fish to over 5kg in weight and in respectable numbers, the fish are still a bit touchy and fussy but as the water temp increases they should chew much harder. Gummy Sharks have also been hanging around in decent numbers inside the bay, more particularly around Clifton Springs. Most Anglers have been picking them up chasing snapper however if you did want to target them fresh salmon is ideal.


Bellarine Peninsula

Clifton Springs remains a hotspot for anglers in search of Calamari and don’t want to travel or deal with the crowds at Queenscliff. Clifton Springs even appears to be fishing better on some days with boats bagging out and some of the squid coming in at a fantastic size for that part of the bay. Size 3.0 Shimano Flash Boost Rattle jigs have been a standout in this area. Alcoa Pier has been holding large numbers of Australian Salmon tight along the structure. Casting small minnow profile soft plastics have been lethal with natural colours working well. Great opportunity if you want to stock up on bait for the snapper season. There has also been pinky snapper holding along the pier too with anglers picking them up on the soft plastics also.



Queenscliff Bight has really heated up this past week with the Calamari reports coming in thick and fast, no massive ones by the sounds of it but they shouldn’t be too far off now. Casting size 3.5 jigs along the weed beds and also drifting in the deep water have both been doing damage.


Offshore Barwon

Offshore Barwon Heads is continuing to fish well for Snapper and Gummy sharks with plenty of reports from Recreational and charter boats hauling in some quality fish. The 50 metre line seems to be where most of the action is at the moment. Fresh baits like Salmon and Squid have been working very well.



We were not too sure how to do the reports this week for the regions around our Shepparton and Bendigo stores due to the flooding situation. We have decided to report on what happen in the previous week and also for those who live on or near lakes or channels and who can access them safely. 



Local Rivers 

With rivers around our community hitting major flood levels there has been no reports and we expect this to be the case for the coming weeks. 


Flood Prep

It’s looking like there will be plenty of people isolated over the next couple of days and once you have secured your property and others near by it will be time to find ways to pass the time we have some ideas for you. There is around 7 weeks until cod opening so it’s a great opportunity to switch the news on and sit down and prep your tackle. New split rings, change rusted hooks, re organising tackle boxes or spool up your reels with some fresh braid. Another great way to maximise some down time is to learn a new knot so jump on YouTube or grab a knot tying book and just spend some time learning new ways to tie your braid to leaders, loop knots or just a basic knot to tie your hook or lure.  If you're near your local Trellys we can help with all your tackle prep to help pass the time.



Lake Eildon

Last week the lake fished a little quiet compared to previous weeks with the rain and heights rising has shut down the fish. There were some reports of Yellowbelly being caught but no monster schooled fish that we can usually see caught this time of the year. Redfin and Carp have been feeding shallow in the freshly flooded banks casting small jerkbaits has been best for the Redfin. Worms have been great for those bait fishing with both carp and Redfin chewing on both. Reports maybe a little thin in coming weeks with to the flooding around Eildon but if you can access it safely and do have a report, please send them through. 



Kialla Lakes 

We have seen the best start to spring in a long time at Kialla Lakes and the worry with water expected to flow out is the fish will make their way out of the lake system. Many years ago, the lake was on fire and a flood pretty much flushed all the bigger fish out. Hopefully the same doesn’t happen as the stocking program in the lake has now had its desired results. This past week we have had reports of Yellowbelly being caught on Zx40 blades and Tn50 jackals with a slow roll working best. Football jigs have worked as well with them fished with a slow drag and then a shake right on that drop off line that goes around majority of the lake. Bait fishing has also been successful this past week with scrub worms around the trees being the best method with Redfin, Carp and Yellowbelly reported. 



Shepparton Lake

There has been plenty of water coming in and out of the lake this past week and it has stirred up the fish and turned them on. In between the rain some locals have been catching Redfin & Yellowbelly on small weedless rigged soft plastics. Small spinners have worked for trout with plenty of smaller fish caught using these lures. Powerbait and night crawlers floated around the weed edges had also resulted in some trout captures.