Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report


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Barwon Heads

Offshore Barwon Heads towards Cape Schnack is still producing lots of Barrel reports with fish over 100kg in great numbers. The fish have been holding a fair way south in 75 metres of water however on the right day it’s well worth the drive, the fish are mainly feeding on schools of pilchards so your natural blue and silver colours such as Evil angel have been working very well. Looking for life working such as birds, seals, dolphins and whales (be careful to how close you go to whales) will definitely help pin point the fish. Most fish have been caught trolling 8-10” skirts behind a spreader bar has been doing some serious damage. Peri from Trellys alongside Anthony Flopski and Josh Caruso landed a nice barrel of 115kg bled and gutted on a lumo skirt behind a spreader bar.



Queenscliff bight is really starting to heat up with the XL Calamari with reports of boats finding their bag limit in good time. The true monsters have fully rolled in yet but the average size is quickly increasing and the giants shouldn’t be too far away. Size 3.5 jigs are basically the staple size to run when fishing here, in store we have just received some Yamashita TR Jigs which come with more weight than the standard jigs being perfect for this area. The cut at Queenscliff is also producing some fantastic Silver Trevally fishing with anglers landing fish to over 40cm, Z man grubz have been a standout soft plastic however just about any 3-4 inch curl tail plastic have all been accounting for plenty of fish. With the water at times being a little bit dirty putting scent on your lures is making a massive impact and difference from landing a fish or two to quite a few!


Corio Bay

Inside the Bay the snapper reports are slowly but surely becoming more and more consistent, yet again the inner part of the bay around shell proving to be the main zone to be fishing with anglers landing fish to 6kg both off the rocks and in the boat.  Pilchards and fresh squid have been working best. The water temp is slowly increasing and snapper will only get better and better as we head into next month.


Goulburn & Broken Rivers 


We are still seeing both local rivers near our Shepparton store run high with the Goulburn especially running at minor flood level. The broken has settled a little but with expected rain in coming weeks it may also run at minor level. With the rises we have seen some Yellowbelly being caught in the grassy shallows of the banks freshly flooded. Football jigs, yabby type soft plastics and worms have worked in these areas with fish feeding on the freshly flooded areas. 



Irrigation Channels 


Bait fishing has certainly been great this past week in the irrigation channels. We have had reports of both Redfin and Yellowbelly being caught in channels around Corop, Murchison, Karramomous and Shepp East. Scrub worms or a bunch of night crawlers has been the best baits with lightly weighted baits downstream of drop bars being the best way to chase both Yellowbelly and Redfin. Lure fishing reports were not as frequent this week but we are starting to here that TN60 jackals rigged with a beetle spin has been working in gold or purple colours. 



Lake Eildon 


There is no shortage of water to fish in at lake Eildon and this can usually make fishing harder but Eildon is such a great fishery which means catch rates have stayed high even with the extra water around. A hand full of cod were reported this week in the 90/110cm range with some being caught on baits off the back of houseboats at night and some being caught on the troll. Spinnerbaits around the edges has also been a method but mostly for the fish around the 60/80cm mark. The spring Yellowbelly run is still growing with some reports of 3/4 good sized yellas being caught in a session by those targeting points or recently flooded grass banks. Soft plastics, blades and chatterbaits have been great lures for those areas. Worms off the bank or in the trees has worked well for those chasing Redfin with the odd big Redfin reported around the 38cm mark. 




Eildon Pondage  

The crew from snobs creek have been busy this week with 100 monster trout being stocked in the Eildon Pondage improving your chances of a trophy catch these school holidays. These fish are on top of stonkers already released into the pondage earlier this month and 3000 catchable size rainbows released prior to the third term break. These stocked fish add to the massive amounts of fish that have been stocked for the current school holidays.



Lake Eppalock  


The lake continues to rise and that means plenty of freshly water soaked banks and fish feeding shallow. Trolling blades and lipless crank baits have been great this past week for those closer to the banks. Those catching fish by Trolling deeper have been reporting that using small Oar-Gee’s and old mates with success. Bait fishing off the banks has been a great way to catch good numbers of carp this week which is a great way to spend the remaining days of the school holidays.