Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report

Corio Bay

The inner harbour of Corio Bay is still producing some fantastic fishing at the moment with pinky snapper in fantastic numbers right across the area. The Geelong yacht club and around the Geelong Waterfront are yet again proving to be the most productive areas, anglers casting soft plastics have been getting stuck into plenty of pinkies with fish to over 40cm being taken. Anglers fishing from a boat with baits into the night are starting to pick up some better quality fish with reports coming from the north end of the bay. Fish to 5kg are being reported with pilchards being the bait of choice, although not a heap are getting caught they’re certainty starting to chew a bit more.



Queenscliff has still been reporting plenty of Large Calamari still on the go with the biggest yet again holding majority of the reports. The deeper water (10-11 metres) is where you’re most likely to encounter with some of the giants Queenscliff is famous for. When chasing the big Calamari obviously bigger jigs are going to be the go, Major Craft Jigs have been immensely popular with pink and purple jigs seeming to do most of the damage.


Barwon Heads

Offshore Barwon heads has had a bit of a Barrel Tuna Bite over the past weeks however the fish are super spread out and can be tricky to predict. The fish have been holding anywhere from 8 – 50km out and from Cape Schnack to Aires Inlet, large area to cover! 8 inch skirts have been the standout with evil angel and lumo working best.


Trout Opening

The Victorian Trout season opened up over the weekend and anglers wasted no time flocking to their favourite systems in hope to get stuck into a few and they certainly did. The rivers and streams along the Great Ocean Road all fished very well for Brown Trout on small shallow running jerk baits. Smythes Creek, Cumberland River, Kennet River, St Georges River and the Aire are all fantastic locations for a look, just to name a few. The Goulburn River fished very well as expected for the big Rainbow Trout the Victorian Fisheries Authority put in with lots of report of Rainbow Trout to over 5kg being caught. The Victorian High Country also fished well and with some unusual captures including a Tiger Trout caught by Kaiden Long, interesting capture as they haven’t been stocked in that system.


Goulburn & Broken Rivers 

We have yet again had a week of higher then usual levels in the rivers around Shepparton. There has been limited reports coming in but we have had the odd one trickle in with worms on flooded grass banks working with a few Yellowbelly and Carp caught down towards Jordan’s Bend and out Rafterys. With a wet spring predicted we may see heights run high for a longer period so finding ways to target fish in the flow is key and using smaller lures in the flooded banks or bait in the same areas will be key. Bassman Compacts, small Codgers, Old Mate’s and TN60 jackals rigged with singles are all Great options this spring in both the Goulburn & Broken Rivers 


Irrigation Channels 

With plenty of water in the rivers many locals have been now targeting Yellowbelly in the Irrigation channels near Shepparton or out towards Waranga Basin. Casting TN60 jackals rigged with gold or silver beetle spins have worked well around the bridges with fish hitting these lures both on the drop or on a slow roll. Around the drop bars casting small divers or square bills have also worked a treat with silver being the stand out base lure colour. Bait fishing has also been good so far this spring with drifting or floating worms around the weed edges or structure. 


Waranga Basin 

It’s been a bit windy this past week and that has made fishing at the basin a little tricky. But when the wind has dropped off those who have been on the water have reported plenty of smaller Redfin being trolled up in 8/12ft range. The 3mt RMG in the orange and white or Redfin colour has been working great. Those casting lures have used the wind blown banks and points to there advantage as the wind pushes all the water and bait to the blown banks, so if it’s safe enough fish these areas as it always more productive then the calmer waters. Bait fishing from the bank has been quiet this week with only a hand full of carp reported from The banks at Harriman’s.



Lake Eildon 

There was plenty of action at Eildon last weekend with the Goulburn Fishing Festival kicking off the trout season. There were plenty of big trout caught in the poundage with small spinners and minnows working well. Powerbaits and worms were the pick of those wanted to use bait over the weekend. There were also some good sized trout caught in the main lake with trolling the best method. Cod are still a target species in Lake Eildon even during closed season and we have still been receiving reports of some meter plus fish being caught with big Soft plastics being the pick of the lures. These lures rigged on a Big weedless jig head or the Flashy rig Jig head have been great this season. Big Spinnerbaits, Mumblers and Tremors have worked great in recent weeks and we expect that will continue through the spring 



Lake Hume 

The Yellowbelly have not yet fired up in lake Hume but the Redfin have with some being reported around the 35/42cm range. Vertical fishing schools with black gulps or ice jigs have been the best way to target these schooled fish. Trolling the Rapala DT20 has worked for those targeting the bigger fish in deep water. Bait fishing with worms has resulted in plenty of fish for those fishing from the banks or in a boat. Over the next few weeks we should start to see the Yellowbelly become more active so a great way to catch some bug yellas is to target the trees slow rolling plastics or fish points with soft plastics and tn60s.