Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report

The Bellarine Peninsula

The Bellarine Peninsula continues to Fish well during these cold and windy conditions with King George Whiting and calamari all on the chew right across the peninsula. Clifton Springs through to indented head has been the current hotspot which king George Whiting holding in fantastic numbers and a quality size to over 40cm in length. Pippies for bait have yet again proved to be the most productive with his fresh squid also doing damage. Calamari have been holding right across the peninsula in 2 to 3 m of water with a variety of size from small right up to over a 1.5kg. Size 3.0 jigs happiness stand out with major craft egizo jigs yet again being a standout brand. Natural greens, pinks and purples have all been stand out again this week.


Offshore Barwon Heads

Offshore Barwon Heads has continued to Fish really well for gummy sharks and snapper this past week with plenty reports coming through from the back of the rip all the way down to Anglesea along the 30 metre line. Fresh Baits like salmon and squid have proved yet again deadly and black magic snapper snatches have been accounting for plenty of fish too. 


West Coast

Down the West Coast school tuna and barrel tuna continue to bite redhot from Port fairy right through to Port MacDonnell. School tuna have been hanging out the front off Lawrence rock of Portland lately with lots of fish holding in the area taking a variety of Lures with divers and skirts be in the predominant favourites. Port MacDonnell still continues to be the barrel hotspot with lots of reports coming in from the shallow as 15 m right through to 30 m holding lots and lots of bait and plenty of fish. Live Baits have yet again been the stand out here and they're still lots reports coming out of anglers Landing fish on skirting and diving Lures.


Wurdi Buloc and Stoney Creek

Wurdi Buloc and stony creek reservoir have both yet again Fish very well this past week with redfin holding a tremendous numbers and still plenty of trout on offer. Spoon lures and soft plastics have been working best for the redfin allowing you to get a long cast and big shallow diving minnows have work in the Best of trout.


Goulburn River 


The fishing in the Goulburn has quiet this week maybe due to school holidays ending and less people fishing to report back. But there has still been some people braving the cold nights and setting some Cray nets. Some big ones have been caught around Murchison with plenty of small Crays caught in the heart of Shepparton. The cooler weather should keep this Crays on the move over the next few weeks so make sure you come into your local Trellys and get set up with some new nets, float kits or even just some measuring sticks. 




Nagambie Lake 


The Central Vic Lure Casters recently held a round at Nagambie and like always it was a huge success amongst those who attended with enjoyment had both on and off the water. There was a ripper of a cod caught on the Sunday and some smaller models throughout the weekend. Former Trellys staff member Nelson put all his carp fishing skills to test but could only manage a Redfin. Over the weekend and pre fish Casting Spinnerbaits, Hardbodies and surface lures were successful and away from the event we had a few reports of Cod being caught on scrub worms. 




Lake Eildon 


We have reported some great cod captures from Lake Eildon over the past years but this one takes the cake with a huge cod caught while targeting Trout on a Tassie Devil. This is an amazing achievement and would have been a huge surprise when the cod ate the lure. There has also been some other nice cod reported around the 70/90cm range with trolling bigger diving lures down towards the wall or casting surface lures in bays holding bait. It’s not just bug cod chewing on Tassie Devils but the trout continue to bite consistently at Eildon. Green, Orange or pink coloured Tassies or hard bodies have been the best. Bait fishing around the trees is still producing some good Redfin but not in high numbers like in the warmer months. 




Shepparton Lake


We are thrilled to yet again have Night Crawlers in stock in our Shepparton Store and it didn’t take long for the trout to chew down on these.A couple of keen customers purchased some worms and went straight to the lake and either floated or super lightly weighted their worms around the Rowing club boat ramp. The trout were not huge but very active with 3 caught in 20 minutes in the evening just before dark. A small split shot works perfect with a bunch of worms or power baits as you don’t want them to be caught deep in the weed on the bottom. 




Fishing Interstate 

Keen local Fisho Michael Skinner sent us some photos and a bit of a report from a trip north. The conditions were tough but Michael managed some top-quality fish caught trolling, bottom bashing and live baiting. The best fish of the trip was a 1.2mt mackerel caught on a live bait which took some catching with plenty of big runs before finally landing the fish.