Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report

Bellarine Peninsula

The Bellarine Peninsula this week has finished exceptionally well for a whole Hota species especially if you were after a delicious feed. King George Whiting, flathead pinky snapper and calamari are all on the shoe in the area. Fishing in the dirty of water for the whiting has been ideal and ideally on the start of the run out tide with fresh Pipis or squid proving to be the best bait on a running sinker Rig. There has also been plenty of silver Whiting in the area so what Benetton stock up on the bait ready for the snapper season ahead.  Calamari have been responding very well lately too major craft gigs in a size 3.0. Natural colour jigs and also bright pink jigs have in the stand out as of late.



Offshore Barwon Heads

Offshore Barwon heads continues to fish very well for pinky snapper and gummy sharks with plenty reports of boats making most of the good weather getting stuck at some quality fish. Drifting or fishing on anchor anywhere from 30 to 50 meter waterline has been producing some fantastic Fish with gummy sharks over 15 kg and snapper over 4 kg being caught. Also seems to be plenty of tuna life out the front towards Cape Schanck, school tuna and a few whispers of barrels are getting around at the moment. There is plenty of life including bait seals dolphins birds and whales so there's no surprise that the tuna will be there too. Portland is still the current hotspot for all your Tuna desires.

Barwon River

Barwon river around Ocean Grove has been fishing very well for silver Trevally and Australian salmon on soft plastics. Either landbased in a boat or kayak has been producing plenty of good fish fish in a deeper holes on the incoming in slack tides. When fishing in this area with small plastic your life in a catch other species including mullet pinky snapper and flathead.



Stoney Creek and Wurdi Buloc

Stony creek reservoir and wurdi Bullock reservoir have both fit very well this past week with redfin trout captures coming in just about every single day. For redfin spoons style lures have been a hot favourite allowing you to cast a long way to cover maximum water and for trout shallow diving jerk baits have been working a treat.



Lake Eildon


The big fish bite was amazing at Eildon this past week with a heap of cod ranging from 70/120cms reported. Lure fishing dominated these reports with swim-baits such as Megabass Magdrafts and Bone Focus's working well and bladed lures like Bassman XL single bladed Spinnerbaits and Mumblers. There were some reports of Trout being caught trolling tassie devils with white or green being the best colours. Bait fishing from the bank has produced Redfin and Carp with scrub worms working best. 



Goulburn River 

The river is a bit dirty but this has not turned off the Cray fishing in the Goulburn this past week. We have had some reports of many filling their legal bag limits in a few net pulls especially around the Murchison and Shepparton areas. Liver and chicken necks has been the best baits and plenty caught on baits while fishing from the bank. Fishing has slowed up but the off cod is being caught in between the Crays taking your Baits. Bardi grubs and worms have been the baits used for their reported cod captures. There is plenty of cray nets and accessories available at your local Trellys so get in and stock up for your next cray trip.


Waranga Basin 


The Redfin were on the bite last week with a number of great reports coming in. There are some good numbers of fish in shallows but these are mostly small and can be caught on baits or soft plastics. If you go out a little deeper in around 18ft the bigger fish and schools seem to be suspending and super active. Casting Zx40 blades or trolling small hardbodies has worked best on these Fish. We did have some very similar reports fromThose using live sonar that a few big fish most likely cod stalking underneath these schools.So pack a bigger rod and throw some big baits around these schools as you may just hook onto one of these bigger cod. 



Broken River 


The Broken River is running high at the moment with the dirty cooler water affecting the number of reports that we are getting. The reports we have had are from those using worms and catching plenty of big carp. Cod and Yellowbelly reports have slowed right down but you may still get the odd legal sized fish on bait or lutes in the cooler months but the bites will be less frequent. 



Irrigation Channels 


The levels in the channels are down low and the fish are now mostly holding hard up on structure or in the deeper syphons. We have been getting reports of Cod & Yellowbelly being caught on Bassman Shorties in the syphons with casting as deep into them as possible being best. The bites have come both on the drop and also on a slow retrieve. Around the bridges square bills like the Bassman Tubbys or small divers like the Old mates have been great. Slow rolling and pausing when you hit the bottom have been the best method. With the water levels low there has also been a number of big fish relocated from the channel system to nearby rivers and lakes. 





The Central Victorian Lure Casters super series round was recently held at Torrumbarry and it was yet again a cracking event. The fishing wasn’t great for all but those who caught fish got some real quality fish.There were Cod over a meter and Yellowbelly up to 60cms entered in the event. It wasn’t just natives caught over the weekend with Shepparton’s Best Carp fisherman Nelson Rouw living up to his name and landing a big carp while chasing Yellowbelly on live sonar.