Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report

Corio Bay

With a long weekend of fishable weather it gave anglers a great opportunity to get out for a fish after a long awaited break from the windy and wet conditions. The Geelong waterfront yet again proved to be a popular hotspot for land based for shows with Australian salmon, Snook and snapper all on the chew. The Australian salmon Kim quite often again be seen busting up on the surface terrorising baitfish and the Snook and pinkies are usually not too far away. Sock casting natural three in soft plastics into the commotion should result in a hook up almost every time. Bait fishing has been quite productive as well with angles using pilchards and squid picking up some good fish. Towards the northern part of Corio Bay there has been plenty of garfish on the true with the grammar school lagoon being the current hotspot. A thick burley Trail and small bait suspended under a pencil flight is the key to success for these guys and they make great bait and fantastic eating.



Clifton Springs

Calamari from Curlewis Bank through to Portarlington have been in sick numbers and angles have been having great success over the shallow Wade beds. After a few weeks of windy conditions rattle jigs have yet again been a stand out in the dirty water, Egi Max spray when applied has also been a handy addition it has definitely helped in captures.


West Coast

Down the coast towards Southwest the barrel tuna and school tuna bites have continued to be red-hot with the barrels out of Port MacDonnell on fire. There has been a fantastic bite earlier this week with plenty reports of fish to over 100 kg been waiting nearly daily. A variety of skirted lures have been working best on a few angles have been picking Fish up on pilchards and other Baits. Gone Fishing charters have been the standout charter boat out of Portland getting their customers onto bag captures of school tuna almost every weekend!

Wurdi Buloc

Wurdi Buloc Reservoir has been a hotspot this past week with lots of fantastic reports coming in of both Brown rainbow trout and also redfin. Adam from Trellys has been added again casting spoon Louise of the West Rockwall I didn't find in great success has been getting yourself a nice feed of fish most times. When casting a spoon lure be sure to really set that hook As if it is not sit properly it can be quite often spat out by the leaping trout.



Goulburn River 

We had some reports over the long weekend of some good fishing up around Murchison with some legal sized cod caught on both lures and bait. There have been some reports of some big fish smashing top water with limited hook ups so keep throwing your big lures as these bigger cod will still bite but you just have to be switched on as bites are limited but there normally big especially if you're throwing something like a Balista Tremor. There were also some good-sized crayfish caught in a lot of areas with Murchison, Toolamba, Raftery's and in the heart of Shepparton all producing legal crays amongst plenty of smaller throw backs. 



Waranga Basin 

The improvements to the Harriman’s Ramp are almost complete and they have done a super job extending the size of the ramp. The improvements haven’t just been at the ramp it has almost been on the water with Redfin fishing this week heating right up. Trolling in around 10/12ft was the hot bite zone this week with 20/30 fish a session not uncommon and for cooler months that’s great. If you're looking to chase Redfin casting plastics or blades we would suggest to fish the points or out the front of the boat club. The depths are similar but you may need to just try a few different techniques such as sitting deep casting shallow or sitting wide of a point casting over the shallow and letting your lures run up and down the point. Bait fishing from the bank has been good with mostly fish around 15/20cms being reported. 




Lake Mulwala 

The access is still very limited at the lake with kayaks and small tinnies about it, just be prepared to get muddy just like the photo below with that cod measuring in over 120cms.That monster was one of a few good fish still being caught with casting swimbaits and Spinnerbaits working well. There has been no real area of the river standing out its more just where you can access the water. The water levels will rise in the next few weeks so keep an eye out for that of your a little worried about access the water at its current height.



Shepparton Lake 

The countdown to the school holidays is on and thy means there will be 750 more trout to target. The lake has been fishing well in the mornings and evenings in low light with the trout still in the lake becoming very confident to bite a small blade, XR4 jerk bait or small soft plastics at both boat ramps. These trout are a previous stocked class of fish so they are bigger models compared to the ones that are being released and are great fun on light gear. If you can access the deeper water there is the odd Redfin being caught on Tn50 Jackals with a single belly hook only to get through the weed. These can be both troller of cast and retrieved across the top of the weed.Bait fishing around the grass hill with worms under floats has been good this past week and once the new stocked fish arrive powerbaits and worms in this area will be dynamite. 




Dartmouth Dam 

The 2022 Dart Cup was a huge success last weekend with all those attending having a great time both on and off the water. There were plenty of fish with a lot of small catches amongst the winning fish. Trolling Tassie devils, small blades and Rapalas worked well this past week.Worm or small soft plastics run while trolling also resulted in plenty of fish. The water temp is sitting around the 11-degree mark and a lot of the brown trout have spawned so we would expect to see size down but plenty of action in coming weeks 



Blue Rock Dam 

The trout trollers are having a ball at blue rock in the main basin with white tassie devils doing plenty of damage. There has also been some Bass caught on smaller diving Stump jumpers and Rmg crazy deeps.Bait fishing off the bank at the ramp has worked great with worms being best with Bass, Redfin, Trout and carp all reported over the past week. 




Lake Purrumbete

Something a little different for our reports this week and that’s one of Victoria’s Redfin hot spots. Lake Purrumbete is a short drive from Camperdown not far off the Princess highway it has some monster Redfin and trout. Over the past few weeks there has been good numbers of trout caught around the weedy edges with Bent minnows, small s diving crank baits and Diawa Double Clutch jerk baits.The Redfin have been caught mostly on soft plastics like gulps and Keitech easy shiners or zx40 blades.It’s a great spot as you can target 1 species but end up catching 2 or 3 others along the way with Trout, Redfin and even Chinook salmon being caught this past week