Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report


Corio Bay

The local fishing is still proving to be quite good over the past week with reports coming from all over the region. The inner harbour of Corio Bay has still been having Yellow Tail Kingfish reports come through with anglers picking them up as bycatch fishing for other species and chicken breast is yet again doing the damage. St Helens rocks has been the most popular spot with reports of anglers picking up multiple kings up to 80cm. There is still plenty of ‘targeted’ species being picked up such as pinky snapper and flathead.


Bellarine Peninula

The outer Harbour right through to Queenscliff is still continuing to produce some fantastic squid and whiting fishing and this is a great time a year for both species. The squid have been holding in about 3 metres of water with red jigs working well and the whiting have been sitting out a little bit deeper with the outgoing tide proving the standout time to fish.



Offshore has remained a shark zone this past week with Mako sharks still being caught anywhere between 50-70 metres right along the coast. Drifting with a solid steady burley trail with a few baits under balloons has been working a treat. Anglers dropping bottom rigs have been picking up plenty of tasty bottom species such as pinky snapper, tiger flathead and gummy sharks. Yellow tail kingfish have been chewing well offshore this past week, jigging has been a standout tactic when the fish have been marked on and around the reef structure out there. On the warmer days the fish can be seen cruising the surface and casting lures into them is an effective and extremely fun way to catch them. Bluefin tuna reports have slowed a little more out there but boats are still sigthing them and the odd few are also getting a few on the deck too.


Wurdi Buloc

Wurdi Buloc Reservoir has been fishing very well over the past few weeks with reports of Trout and Redfin biting quite well on the rock walls and should only get better as the cooler months roll in. Anglers casting shallow diving jerk baits have been working an absolute treat for the trout and the redfin have been responding well to spoon lures as it allows you to cover a large amount of water.


Goulburn River 

Fishing with bait is all the rage at the moment with plenty of reports of Cod & Yellowbelly being caught on bait. The hot spots have been Jordan’s Bend and the Junction in Shepparton. Toolamba upstream of the bridge, Murchison and out towards Loch Gary. Cheese, worms and shrimp has been the stand out baits and we would expect this to be the case leading into the school holidays. It hasn’t just been bait fishing reports this week with lures starting to kick back into gear after the flush of water. While the water is still dirty many are leaning towards lures that throw plenty of thump or have big presence like the big single blade old mate Spinnerbaits or Bassman Mumblers with a soft plastic trailer. If the water clears up in coming weeks you can use more lures but for now go big and make it easier for the fish to find your lure. 



Broken River 

The Broken River has fished well this week in what had turned out to be a great summer and autumn. James from Balista lures has been busy fishing of late putting some new colours to work and having plenty of success doing so. James reported that The Smoke 65 accounted for about a dozen Golden's in the morning.  After finding some deeper water in the afternoon he changed over to the Smoke 80 and caught a heap of Cod on it, missed a big fella as well. It’s not just hardbodies working well in the broken with shrimp and worms accounting for many Yellowbelly and Cod. Fishing along broken river drive has been a great spot for bait fishing so has off the bank towards Benalla. 


Irrigation channels 

It’s been a trend this week with bait fishing working super well. Yellowbelly and cod have been reported from the channels near the Waranga Basin, Pine Lodge & Karramomous. Floating yabbies around weed edges or around rocky banks has been a great method this week with keeping the bait moving the key. If you're fishing near drop bars it’s best to weight your baits and run longer lengths of line from your sinker so the baits can move around and not be anchored to the bottom. Lure fishing again has been dominated by Zx40 blades or Spinnerbaits around structure. In the coming months the channel system will be lowered like most winters so until then you should get plenty of action on both bait and lures. 


Waranga Basin 

The outstanding Redfin bite has continued at the Basin with friendly wind conditions allowing many locals the chance to get on the water. Trolling RMG Poltergeist 3+ and Old Mates out from the boat club has worked well with the fish sitting deeper. Over the other side of the lake opposite to Harriman’s Point ramp the fish are being caught both deep and shallow with soft plastics working best shallow. Bait fishing has been a little slow mostly due to many fishing with lures but if you're planning a day of bait fishing make sure you have some worms and small yabbies as these have been a stand out bait in previous seasons. 



Lake Eildon 

It’s like a spring time bite at the moment at Lake Eildon with heaps of Yellowbelly being caught. Casting TN60 jackals, small Spinnerbaits and Blades around rocky banks and points has been the best method this week. There are some reports of Yellowbelly being caught trolling Codgers or Jackals up at Bonnie Doon. There has been the odd trout being caught and with the weather cooling off we should see plenty more trout being reported. If your chasing Redfin casting soft plastics in the timber had been a great method with black Gulps or 3-inch Keitech’s working well. 




Eildon Pondage  

The pondage has had a boost this week with 73 monster brood brown trout being stocked.These trout on average are around the whopping 7kg. These fish have come from the Snobs Creek hatchery which this Sunday 10/4 is having a free open day. We’ve started the week off with a BANG by It’s a great way to gain an insight into how they breed and stock your fish across the state. It’s also a fun day out for the whole family with lots of kids activities.