Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report



Inside Corio Bay continues to have plenty of fishing options at the moment for all landbased anglers with the waterfront and St Helens rocks both giving up some nice fish. Over the holidays the Geelong pretty much every landbased platform across the waterfront is going to be a fantastic area to take the kids and family for a fish. With pinky snapper, flathead, salmon, trevally and whiting all holding in the area it keeps the fishing options open. Fishing with baits such as pipies and bluebait is going to be the best method to getting some fish on the board and soft plastics are well worth throwing around too for the more aggressive fish.





Clifton Springs has still been fishing alright for calamari and whiting, towards Hermsley has been the more productive area. For the whiting fishing the tide changes has been the go with pipies as bait, when chasing the squid anywhere from 2-4 metres of water with size 2.5 or 3.0 jigs.





Offshore Barwon heads has still had a few tuna reports come in, they aren’t going crazy just yet but the fish are definitely out there and in decent numbers. Anglers trolling small skirted lures have been having some good success and so too are fishos casting lures into the schools of fish. Maria pop queens are a favourite for the local tuna. Snapper are still going bezerk offshore and they’re everywhere! The 50 metre line seems to be the most productive depth if your chasing a feed of pan sized fish and in shallower producing the better quality fish with some reaching over 9kg. Drifting with paternoster rigs and fresh squid has been by far the standout rig and bait. There has also been quite a bit of by-catch whilst chasing the snapper including Nannygai, Gummy Shark and even some rat kingfish.





Wurdi Buloc Reservoir has still continued to produce some nice fish or anglers casting off the rock walls with redfin and trout both in good numbers and hungry! Casting spoon style lures to cover more water has been very productive, especially for the redfin.





Another great week of fishing the in broken river with heaps of reports flooding In. Local Young guns Jye & Sam have been catching plenty of fish casting the Old Mates with both cod and Yellowbelly being caught. There has been some good bait fishing in the broken as well this week with Trellys chicken & big fresh scrub worms working best.





Bait fishing has dominated reports this week in the Goulburn with reports of cod up to 80cms caught in the Shepparton region. Rafteries Road around the sand bars has fished well using Bardi Grubs, Trellys cheese and Worms. There has been the odd Yellowbelly caught but majority of fish lately has been Cod. Those Lure fishing have still caught fish but just not in as high of numbers compared to bait. Gold 4D Spinnerbaits and Mumblers have been the stand out lures this week. 






Smaller fish have been very active over the past week and with the water clarity starting to improve we should see this trend continue. Trolling deep diving lures such as Codgers or stump jumpers around the river channels of the lake has been a great method this past week. The bigger fish are still active but not as common as a week ago with some good fish reportedly caught casting Balista Tremmors or Jackal Ganterals. If your fishing with bait both Yarrawonga or Mulwala foreshores have been good spots to chase cod using both Cheese or Chicken.





With holidays upon us we will start to receive more Greens Lake reports. This week we have had a few reports of big Redfin and Yellowbelly on bait and spinners with some monster carp all being caught off the bank. There is a proposed plan for greens lake to return more to a natural water way and not reliable on irrigation. If you regularly fish Greens Lake it would be worth jumping on to and having your say about the future of the water way. 





Trolling has been running red hot for the Redfin this week with some good reports of high numbers of fish being caught yet again. There has been a few key areas lately with along the main rock wall, up and down Harriman’s Road and also near the Caravan Park. Something a little different this week was reports of trolling TN60 jackals for Redfin in deeper water around the 15/20ft mark. It’s not uncommon in the shallows to do well on jackals but it’s great to see the will still bite them on the troll out wider. 15ft Codgers and the small old mates both in bright colours have been the stand out diving lure with Zx40s being popular for those casting. Bait fishing around the edges continues to be a great way to get good numbers of Redfin although not as good of quality of fish there still a blast to catch. Worms or shrimp under a float or lightly weighted yabbies have worked best this week.  



The Bass are super active in Blue Rock Dam at the moment with so many different lures working well with bass up to the magic 50cm mark now more regularly reported. Mid morning and afternoon Smaller crank / jerk baits like your Arashi or Jackal Squirrel’s have worked well with the pause being the key. Football Jigs or Bassman Tw series Spinnerbaits in the timber during the heat of the day has been best with almost any surface lure working well in low light periods. Bait fishing around near the boy ramp foreshore has been producing small bass but it will get extremely busy in the school holidays so the bites may drop away with the extra traffic on the waters edge. 





As we wrote about last week Nick from our Shepparton Store qualified and fished in the 2021 ABT Bass non boaters grand final. Unfortunately for Nick he only managed 1/3 fish on day 1 and 2/3 fish on day 2 seeing him finish in 8th position which most likely will cap the year off with a top 10 in the Angler Of The Year standings. Nick caught his fish during pre fish and the event on Old Mate Spinnerbaits, Small Bassman Mumblers and Skipping Zman Frogs under over hanging trees.