Trellys Fishing Report

Trellys Fishing Report

Corio Bay


Inside Corio Bay is still continuing to offer some great fishing at the moment for both land based and boat anglers at the moment as St Helens rocks and the north shore area still holding respectable numbers of Pinkies and even some good size snapper. Anglers fishing off the rocks are still dragging up some quality fish to the shore with snapper up to 5kg being caught, one of the advantages off St Helens is that you’re always in for the shot at a big fish. Anglers fishing out of a boat are also having plenty of success on the snapper, the trick has been fishing a tide change and using a sounder to mark up the schools of fish.



The Outer Harbour


The Outer harbour has had some good reports come through of King George whiting holding in good numbers and seeming to be quite on the chew. Fish ranging between 30-38cm have been getting caught, fishing straight off Hermsley in 6 metres of water has been a very productive area to fish. As well as the whiting there is still a few squid on the go in closer on the weed beds. Anywhere from 2.5 to 4 metres of water has been fishing quite well with Majorcraft Egizo jigs proving to be super effective.





The Silver Trevally run at the Queenscliff cut is still going strong with plenty of anglers finding themselves amongst a hot bite of these hard fighting fish. Casting soft plastics on slack tide has been a deadly time and tactic to get amongst the action with reports of fish over 40cm being taken. Anglers have also been finding themselves hooking into Big Pinkie Snapper, Salmon and Calamari in there as well. The Bight has still been the go to location for calamari, it’s been a great season on them so far with anglers finding some superb calamari cruising about.




Barwon Heads


The Barrel Tuna bite off Barwon Heads is still going strong with reports of a fish being caught nearly every day still. Trolling skirted lures between 6-8 inches is still the go with a variety of colours working well. 50-70 Metres of water still seems to be where majority of the action is being held. With the average size well over 100kg and plenty of reports of fish over 140kg there is no better time to get out there and have a crack at them especially when they’re this close to home.



Lake Hume


There has been plenty of action in the lake especially for those trolling lures.

Adrian Brown caught this monster trout trolling near the weir and it’s not only as Trout being caught there are some good sized Yellowbelly and high numbers of Redfin being lured in. The Hot bite doesn’t look like ending any time soon with the weather warming up we should start seeing more and more Yellowbelly being caught. 


If you’re not into your trolling Bobbing yabbies or lightly weighting a bunch of worms down the sides of trees has worked well for Both Yellowbelly & Redfin.

If you’re into fishing the trees another option is to slow rolling a Black Berkley Gulp or pausing and tapping your rod butt will have the same effect as the above bait fishing tactics. 


Matching your Black Gulp to a 7gr Bassman Jig head is a great combo for fishing vertically around the trees.



 Shepparton Lake 


With the weather warming up we expect to see more Yellowbelly & Redfin being caught at the lake. 

Floating worms on weed edges has worked well when targeting these fish especially at the skate park end of the lake. 

Those accessing the lake via boat or kayak have been trolling smaller diving lures Or casting Jackal Tn50s rigged with singles not trebles to help with weed proofing the lure. 


We have also been getting some reports of Yellowbelly being caught on Soft plastics at night with these fish cruising the shallows around the grass hill. 

It’s not uncommon to see fish swimming these shallows in low light times and can be great fun on light gear.



Lake Eildon 


The lake is now over the 80% mark and the Yellowbelly are on the move with many reports of Fish being caught both targeting wind blown points or off submerged trees. 


Casting or Trolling the Balista Juggernaut 65 has been working well around the points with Zerek Fish Traps fished vertically being the best method targeting those on the submerged trees. 



Lake Mulwala 


The lake has continued to fish tough over the last week with only a hand full of reports of Yellowbelly being caught around the Train Bridge and the odd fish up at majors. 


Zx40 blades or Jackal tn60s being the stand out lures around these areas. Switching the trebles on my Tn60s to singles will make them more snag friendly especially in areas away from the train bridge. 


Some fisho’s have found the carp are a lot more active then the Yellowbelly of late with Corey Goldie from “Corey’s Dam Fishing” landing a

Big mud marlin on 6lb gear while grubbing for Yellowbelly in the recent Golden Dollars Tournament. 

It’s only bit over a month until the cod classic and with registrations now open for the 2021 event now is the perfect time to come in store and stock up for the annual cod opening event. 



Loddon River


The Loddon River unfortunately is high and dirty at present. Getting good reports from below the weirs at Cairn Curran and Laanecoorie with most fish being taken on bait. Scrub worms seem to be the most damaging bait at the present time. The odd report of fish being taken around the flour mill on small spinnerbaits such as your spinwright 3/8oz. Fish slow and tight to the structure with the dirty water just be patient and persist. 



Campaspe River

The water clarity in this river is pretty good with reports of yellow belly being taken around the Elmore weir and around Barnadown on small spinnerbaits such as your Spinwright 3/8oz in brighter colours. Another one that is working great at the moment is 3/8oz lil grantas in brighter colours. Cast these lures tight to structure and around the reedy edges and you should be in with a great chance of landing a nice yellow belly. Bait fishing has also been working great in this river with fresh shrimp an absolute standout. However shrimp still aren’t out in great numbers but if you’re able to get a few they make great bait. I’ve had reports of some yellow belly being caught up to 55cm in recent times. Late afternoon seems to be the standout time to target these fish.



Lake Eppalock


The lake has definitely come to life over the last week or two with a number of anglers being rewarded with some great fish. Fishing with the bank or casting lures from the boat all have worked well.

Fishing with lures from the boat, casting along the rocky banks or over the grass beds has seen a number of yellow belly being caught recently. Lure’s such as your Jackall mask vibes in 60 and 70mm have worked really well. The most popular colours at the moment seem to all be dark in colour. Which makes red belly black in the masked vibes or the new colour panther the absolute must for any keen angler that wants to get a good fish from the lake. The odd Yellow belly has also been caught using black Gulp grubs around trees or bobbing ZX40 blades in colour 416.
Bank fishing has also been going really well with anglers having some great luck around rocky ledges casting small hard bodies such as the NEW old mate lures in 55mm. These lures are best worked slowly creating a nice slow wide action that most fish will find hard to resist.
Bait fishing, there have been great numbers of redfin coming out of the lake recently with the quality being the only thing letting people down. Most of the fish have been taken in around 5-6m of water or in 15-20ft. The best technique is to fish with 2.5inch soft plastics in the curl tail grub, all colours seem to be working, a little bit of scent also helps. We stock Dizzy scent, yabby scent has been a standout recently. If you’re trying to locate the schools try trolling in that depth with a RMG crazy deep until you locate the schools.


Cairn Curran


Yellow Belly have been getting caught around the yacht club trolling small hard bodies such as your Australian Crafted 50mm. These lures get down nice and deep and will be key to being in the strike zone for a good Yellow Belly. Another good option to try is around the pine trees near the wall, the depth there is deep and does hold good fish. 

If chasing redfin try using lures such as your RMG’s to try to pick up where the school is then bounce soft plastics or vibes through the school. There have been some good numbers of redfin around the lake lately. Bait fishing with worms has worked really well for good numbers of yellow belly, unfortunately a lot of the fish are smaller in size being around 30-35cms. Try bait around trees or around rocky ledges. 

Bait fishing from the bank has also been a great option with early mornings and late afternoons being a standout time to target these fish. Small 1/0 hooks with a scrub worm have been responsible for good amounts of fish getting caught from the bank.





The lake is very clear at present with trout being taken on a running sinker rig with a very small hook with a bit of powerbait. The most popular one is sherbet followed closely by rainbow bait.
Small spinners such as your celtas have caught the odd trout in the lake as well as the odd redfin. 

Trellys are now stocking chatter jigs that are great on the redfin out of this lake.

Bait fishing with worms has also seen redfin and tench caught from this lake. 




Still the odd trout getting caught on power bait or spinners, the tassie devil spinners seem to be working best with a bright colour. Tassie devils in pink are also picking up a few trout. 



Forrest Fields


The lake has increased with weed unfortunately but the odd person is catching trout on power bait or redfin on worms. 



Lake Weeroona


Redfin have come to life in this lake over the last couple of weeks. Anglers have had great luck on small hard bodies such as your Daiwa double clutch or even soft plastics such as 3inch Strike Tail Curl tail grubs in whitebait pearl. 

There are also still plenty of carp located throughout the lake and love eating worms so try using a small hook and a light weight to increase the amount you will catch.