Trelly's Fishing Report

Trelly's Fishing Report

Shepparton Local Lakes
There are still some good numbers of Trout getting caught in Lake Victoria due to the Victorian Fisheries stocking program. Casting small lures and soft plastics are a great way of getting onto a few. However bait fishing with powerbait under a float has been a popular and successful way of landing a few Trout out of the lake. There are some good Redfin being landed out of Lake Victoria as well when casting soft plastics rigged with some form of vibration rig like a beetle spin or mumbler blade.

Goulburn River
The Goulburn River has been going well with a heap of Crayfish getting caught over the past week. From Nagambie to Undera we have seen some good numbers getting pulled out of some of the deeper holes and on the bends where the water seems to eddy a bit. Liver, carp and other meaty baits are working well lately. Jeff caught this large female out of the Goulburn recently among a couple male keepers. She was released back safely after a quick photo. 

Lake Eildon
Lake Eildon has been fishing alright with some good numbers of Trout getting caught over the past week. There have been a few nice Cod getting caught in the lake but they have been hard work. Surface lures are a great choice especially if it is an overcast and cloudy day. Large soft plastics are the go if surface isn’t working with the 9” Biwaa Kapsiz Kast working great. We’ve seen a couple larger Trout getting caught but most are around 35cm-45cm. Trolling Tassie Devils and small minnows around the Big River, Howqua and main arms have seen people get onto a few nice fish. Nelson from Trellys Shepparton fished Eildon with a few mates over the weekend where they caught a few mid Trout around 40cm on pink Tassie Devils and the 50mm RMG Poltergeist in Oz Frog Colour. 

Hume Dam
Hume is fishing well with the great Redfin bite still continuing and plenty getting caught on baits and lures. Baits like small yabbies, small pieces of chicken and worms are working well along with lures like 50mm crazy deep RMG Poltergeists. The most consistent ways of getting onto some Redfin over the past week has been casting Jackall Mask Vibes and bobbing ice jigs. Anthony caught this nice Yellowbelly while fishing for Redfin at Hume last week.

The Trout bite in Hume seems to keep improving with a heap more 60cm+ fish getting caught over the past week. Most sections of the Dam seem to be holding nice Trout with trolling being the best way of getting onto a couple. 5cm and 7cm minnow lures are a good choice but it’s hard to go past Tassie Devils for some good sized Trout.

We’ve seen some good numbers of large Cod getting caught in Mulwala with reports that there are good numbers holding in the shallows around the lake. Large swimbaits and soft plastics are the go at this time of year but there are still plenty caught on big surface lures. The best bite time has seemed to be around dawn and dusk with there being a 2 hour bite window in the morning and afternoon. Mitch caught this 115cm Cod out of Mulwala earlier this week.

Loddon River
With the colder weather moving in, it makes fishing those early mornings a little tough. But it is worth getting out of bed for. Anglers who have braved the cold mornings have had some good luck using bigger surface lures such as your Balista tremors or bassman aussie crawlers have had reports of some fish measuring upwards of 90cms. During the middle of the day bait fishing seems to be the pick or casting big hard bodies such as our Australian Crafted. Yellowbelly are also still around, fish around the reedy banks and fish slowly with small vibes such as your jackall mask vibes or tn50s. This time of year, silent TN50s/60s seem to work really well. Bait fishing has also been going well with anglers having a lot of luck using trellys special chicken. If you’re after yellow belly the old faithful scrub worms have still been working great.

Cairn Curran
Cairn Curran is still fishing relatively slow with anglers having most luck on bait around structure. Bouncing worms around the trees is the best way to entice a yellow belly to eat. If you’re fishing from the bank be patient and try scrub worms and fish tight around the rock walls, or trees. 

Campaspe River
Campaspe river is rather quiet but there are still the odd good fish getting caught here and there. One lucky angler was able to get out recently and landed himself a nice cod to 80cms on a bassman spinnerbait 1oz. Fish slowly this time of year and fish tight up against structure. Bait fishing is also another great option this time of year with chicken and big yabbies being the standout bait for murray cod. These baits are great as once they’re in the water you don’t have to worry too much about the bait coming off the hook. If you’re after redfin or yellow belly any left over shrimp that you might have frozen is a great option to throw on your hook as well as a nice big scrubbie that we stock.

Lake Eppalock
This is probably the standout fishery at the present time. Anglers who have been prepared to put in the time in this lake have been rewarded with some good numbers of redfin. The redfin seem to be in deep water around that 25-30ft mark. Try trolling around with a small stump jumper size 3 and a plastic a meter above your lure this helps show where the fish are sitting in the water level as well as giving the fish multiple options. It’s a very effective way to try to find an active feeding school of redfin. The size of the redfin in these cooler months has also seen improvement with fish ranging between 25-40cm, which is pretty good for the lake. There is also the odd Yellow Belly being caught amongst the schools of redfin, so be prepared to potentially pick up one of these fish measuring up to 55cms. Bait fishing from the bank is also a very productive way to get some fish, try using a small hook and a worm around grassy or rocky banks. If you haven’t caught a fish in the first 30mins try moving spots. Try casting small soft plastics or hogbacks around for the redfin. Bait fishing from the boat is also working great with yabbie tails or scrub worms around the trees proving the best baits.

Bendigo’s Family Fishing Lakes
From all reports Crusoe is fishing great for stocked rainbow trout with the odd redfin also being caught. Anglers are having great luck on Sherbet powerbait or worms. Some anglers are also having luck casting small soft plastics such as your strike tiger 1’’ nymphs.  Work around the rock wall or pontoon. 
Kennington has also been fishing great for stocked trout. Casting small pink tassie devils has been a great way to target these fish as well as rainbow powerbait. Casting soft plastics has also been an effective way to get trout as well as redfin in this lake at present. 
Forest Fields  is really only suited for fishing with bait, anglers have had luck with worms and powerbait. Worms have also seen some silvers also being caught.
Lake Tom Thumb has also seen anglers catching trout with small spinners such as your celtas. Powerbait is still an effective way to catch these stocked rainbow trout. There are also some big carp getting around this lake and you’re in with a good chance of catching one if you use a small hook with a bit of corn.

Corio Bay
Corio Bay is still fishing well for landbased fishos with garfish, pinkie snapper, flathead, pike, salmon and trevally all cruising around jumping on anglers lines. Bait fishing with bluebait or squid is working well however casting soft plastics seems to be working best and once again the Gulp Turtle back work being a standout.

Queenscliff has been a hot spot for land based anglers over the past week we silver trevally running riot through the cut. Anglers have been having some pretty hot sessions down there landing numerous fish to over 50cm, soft plastics have been the best lure to throw around at them with the Zman GrubZ being a standout.

Barwon Estuary
The Barwon Estuary offered some good fishing for trevally also over the week and has been fishing well for quite some time now. Once again Zman Grubz have been a standout lure. The perks of fishing the Barwon is that there is plenty of shelter from the weather if it blows up and offers some nice by catch such as Salmon, Bream and Mulloway.

St Augustines
St Augustines is still providing some good school holiday fun for kids and families with rainbow trout chewing very well. Powerbait on a lightly weighted running sinker rig is by far the best rig to run, simple and effective. 

Purrumbete and Bullen Merri
The Crater Lakes have been fishing well over the past week for anglers trolling lures around finding plenty of trout and chinook salmon in both lakes. Tassie devils are a classic lure to troll around with pink being a standout colour, as far as hard bodies go it’s pretty hard to go past the humble Rapala F7 and Daiwa Double Clutch. 

Apollo Bay
Down the west coast towards Apollo Bay is still offering a pretty hot Barrel Tuna bite, Between Big Reef and the Oil Rig off Port Campbell with boats still landing fish well over 100kg mark, the biggest one weighing in at 147kg. Popular lure colours have been Redbait, Lumo and Angel patterns. 

Portland has also got a pretty hot Tuna bite on the go at the moment with boats finding plenty of school fish. Gone Fishing Charters has been out there getting their customers on a good chunk over the past week since returning down there, trolling skirted and diving lures has been doing all the damage for the crew.