Trelly's Fishing Report

Trelly's Fishing Report

Bellarine Peninsula, Queenscliff, Surf Coast, Lake Eildon, Shepparton Lakes, Goulburn River, Shepparton Region Channels, Waranga Basin, Loddon River/Cairn Curran, Campaspe River / Lake Eppalock, Bendigo Family Fishing Lakes


Goulburn River

The Goulburn River has been fishing well with plenty of nice fish getting caught between Shepparton and Nagambie. Most fish are getting caught on bait such as worms and Chicken from the bank but the bigger fish are more likely to come while casting lures. Surface paddlers in the early morning have been your best bet then moving to spinnerbaits and mid sized hardbodies once the sun comes up. Around Undera has also seen some nice numbers of Cod getting caught on scrubbies from the bank, most of the fish around this area have been on the smaller side but there are some monsters amongst them.
Chris Galea Caught this great looking Cod out of the Goulburn earlier in the week.


Murray River

The Murray River has been fishing really well with plenty of great Cod getting caught in many different areas from Yarrawonga to Barmah. Casting surface lures in the early morning has been producing some great fish along with Bassmen 1oz 4x4’s once the sun rises a bit.
Angela caught this 1.13m Cod from the river at Yarrawonga.

Bait fishing from the bank has been seeing some great fish getting caught with Scrubbies, Yabbies and Chicken all producing some nice fish. Around Bearii and Barmah there have been plenty of small Trout Cod getting caught on mainly worms and Chicken but there are plenty of bigger fish amongst them. It always pays to leave some big Yabbies out overnight while camping to tempt these bigger fish.
Alison with a Nice 95cm caught on Yabbies from Barmah.



Eildon has been fishing well for Murray Cod and Yellowbelly as well Redfin have been going ok too. Yellowbelly have been going alright for the bait fishos with Scrubbies and Yabbies doing most of the damage in the areas around Jerusalem Creek, and in the Delatite arm. Redfin are going ok as the water has been dropping and exposing some more timber in around 6-10m of water. Bobbing soft vibes like Zerek fish traps as well as Yabbies and worms have been doing well with some nice numbers of Redfin around the 30cm mark getting caught along with a few over 40cm. Cod have been getting caught while trolling size 1 Stumpjumpers along the rocky edges and through the trees in the Big River arm, Howqua Inlet and Goulburn arm. Casting spinnerbaits throughout the day along rocky edges has also been working extremely well for finding some bigger fish 
Josh from kneebysadventures Caught this tank out of Eildon while casting a Bassman 1oz Spinnerbait.


Lake Hume

Lake Hume is still the place to be for anyone after a feed of Redfin, There have still been great numbers of Redfin getting caught through most sections of the lake with some great fish around 45cm getting caught. Trolling RMG Poltergeists and 55mm Codgers are a great way to cover some ground until you locate a school. Once a good batch of fish is located bobbing worms and soft plastics has been the go to method for getting great numbers of fish in the boat. Small Yabbies are also a good choice and will often get some of the bigger fish amongst the school feeding.
Nathan had a cracking day at Lake Hume over the weekend, landing heaps of Redfin on RMG Poltergeist Crazy deeps and worms. 


Saint Helens Rockwall

Saint Helens rockwall has been fishing quite well over the past week with our local saltwater species biting well. Pinkie snapper, salmon, flathead and whiting all in respectable numbers right through the area. Fishing the tide changes (ideally the high tide) and fishing with baits such as blue bait and squid will give you the best opportunity to get stuck into a few fish.



The outer harbour and in particular Clifton Springs has really fired up for king George whiting with plenty of fish getting around and seeming to be at a decent size. Right along the shoreline between Hermsley to Clifton Springs has been fishing very well in about 6 metres of water with some boats finding their bag of fish no worries, baits like pipis and squid have been a standout and burley proving very effective.



Queenscliff has still been offering some fantastic squid fishing over the past few weeks with some great reports coming in from most parts with swan bay being one of the many hotspots. Casting artificial jigs like the Major Craft Egizo jigs is a great option to throw around with natural and red colour jigs working well.


Barwon River

The Barwon River is infested with tonnes of estuary perch at the moment due to the fish stockings over the past few years with the fish in fantastic shape.  Casting along the banks with small soft plastics should get you into the action, there is also plenty of redfin and carp getting around too. If you want to drown a bait then live worms on a running sinker rig will work a treat in there also.


Barwon Heads Offshore

The local tuna run continues to show no sign of slowing down with plenty of good reports still coming through for anglers trolling skirts between the rip and Barwon heads. The fish have been ranging in size between 10 – 25kg with still the odd fish getting around over 30kg! Anglers casting stick baits and poppers have also been having great success when the fish have been high up in the water column. Yellowtail kingfish are still holding in good numbers too, don’t need to go too far as most of the fish are just off the bluff with 30 metres of water being a great spot to start looking.


Loddon River

The loddon river is still fishing remarkably well. Casting lures such as spinnerbaits or mumblers has seen people rewarded with some fish measuring around 80cm in length.

Early mornings and late afternoons have been the standout times. With fish enjoying eating surface lures off the top! Your Jackall Pompadour is an absolute standout and a must in any keen anglers tackle box. The river is also fishing well with bait, with some anglers being rewarded with fish over a meter! One angler came in to let us know he caught a 102cm Murray Cod on Trellys special chicken!



Cairn Curran

There are still the golden tagged fish in this lake system. It is a wonderful excuse to take the family out fishing for the day. With these fish being worth $2000 or $10000 it's sure to put a smile on anyone's face. The Goldens seem to have schooled up in front of the Yacht Club, with some fish measuring up to 50cm’s plus in length. Anglers are also having some great luck using vibes or bobbin plastics around trees, with anglers getting some good numbers of fish. If fishing from the bank scrub worms have been working great as well as small yabbies.
If chasing Cod look for structure, they have been sitting in the steep drop offs or against the trees. It’s worth trolling small hard bodies such as your small RMG’s around rocky ledges to find the schools of yella’s or reddies that are hanging around. Once located try bobbing plastics or jigs to entice the bite.


Campaspe River

The campaspe river is fishing great on bait or lures. Clarity has improved dramatically in recent weeks so anglers are having good success on swimbaits, surface lure, spinnerbaits and hardbodies. Bassman Spinnerbaits in codman 5/8oz fire tiger have been a real standout for this water way with good Murray Cod and Yellow Belly being caught.
Early mornings or late afternoons have seen many anglers rewarded using surface lures, with your codger a huge standout.
If bait fishing yabbies, or scrubbies have seen a few healthy fish caught, with local angler Ned catching a great cod measuring 80cm!


Lake Eppalock

Lake eppalock is fishing great for Redfin and Yellow Belly. Anglers that are targeting the reddies have trolled in around 15-20ft using lures such as your RMG Poltergeist in crazy deep. The standout colour has been the Trellys Colour, white with orange (1311). Once you have hooked up on the troll circle back and anchor up, cast jigs such as your rapala x-rap or gillies bobbin’s to get good numbers. Alternatively try bobbing a bright coloured plastic such as your Daiwa Bait Junkies, Yabbie UV in 2.5” Curl tail. Some reports have bags of redfin up to 60 fish in a session and measuring up to 40cm!
If chasing Yellow Belly cast along rocky banks and ledges as these fish seem to be holding these areas. Just fish slow and patient and you should be rewarded. Early mornings or late afternoons seem to be the most productive times to get these fish. Lures such as your Australian Crafted 90mm in colour 78 & 4T have been a standout..!


Bendigo’s Family Fishing Lakes

There's still lots of fun to have in our local lakes with some monster Carp still being caught at Lake waroona, The best way to get these fish to bite is to use a small hook with a split shot sinker and use bread or corn as bait. Some of these monsters are measuring up to 80cm!
Lake Tom Thumb still has plenty of reddies, anglers using bait have had good success on worms. Whilst casting spinners such as your celta’s has also seen anglers rewarded some of these fish are measuring up to 30cm in length.
Crusoe Res is very hit and miss at the present time. Anglers are having trouble with the wind or the weed, which makes it difficult for people looking to cast lures. Spinners are seeing the occasional reddies caught mostly small in size. Anglers using power bait have also managed to pick up the odd trout. Sherbet powerbait being the standout.
Barkers Creek Res is still worth checking out. Some people have had good luck casting spinnerbaits from the rock wall, the brighter colours seem to be working best.  Fisheries have released murray cod in this area as part of the target one million. There is still 1 fish worth a lucky $10,000 so get out and enjoy this weather and good luck.

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