Our Favourite Swag

Our Favourite Swag

Here at Trelly's we have tested a few swags in our lifetime. Kings Swags, Kulkyne Swags and Darche Swags just to name a few. They all boast the toughest components, Most water resistant canvas, Heavy duty Zips and the list goes on. Rather than listing off a list a specifications we are just going to show you our favourite

When it comes to choosing a swag we think the most important thing is the design, and one of our favourites is the Darche Dirty Dee.

It comes in 900, 1100 & 1400 models.

  • 900mm wide is perfect for the solo camper
  • 1100mm is for the big boy or the cozy couple (Fits perfectly in the back of a ute tub)
  • 1400mm is for the comfy couple.

Some features worth noting are the..

  • Free standing design removes any need for strings or pegs and allows you to put your swag anywhere.
  • Near vertical walls give you heaps of head space across the top of the swag allowing you and your partner to sit upright without touching shoulders on a sagging canvas side wall which can happen in designs such as the Darche Dusk to Dawn
  • Excellent air flow with heaps of windows.
  • 4 internal storage pockets for your torch, wallet, phone or the misso's jewellery.
  • Tags on the inside of the roof to clip a small LED torch for hands free lighting.

Although the Darche Dirty Dee takes an extra minute of your time to setup than a Darche Dusk to Dawn design, its the most spacious, versatile and simple design we've slept in so far. 

We've got one setup in our Shepparton store and we've knocked $50 off the price so come check it out! 

**Shipping swags can be expensive so best to come in store or get it delivered to your nearest Trelly's store.

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  • Shayan

    Hi guys,
    I was wondering if the 1100 or 1400 will fit on the back of a Nissan Navara STX?

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