May 18, 2017

So Copeton hey....  

Lets just say we had the knowledge and gear coming out our ears. We were set. I'll keep this story short so simply put - If you're planning on taking a trip to Copeton make sure you pack some spare time in your pockets. The Murray Cod up there are next level, but when you put a 70+ hour week in on the water it takes it out of you!

Here's a very quick overview of the week! For more info about Copeton, chat to one of the pro staff at Trelly's Shepparton!


There is a lot of social media hype about Copeton (Its true about the BIG COD!) but I'd like to clear up what I think you should expect in a fishing session at Copeton other than the freezing cold this time of year.


Average Session - 0 -2 hits, 0-1 Hook up

Great session - 2 - 4 hits, 1-2 Hook up

 Awesome AF Session 4+


The Murray Cod in Copeton may be only bigger because we were using nothing smaller than 180mm although we found that the average fish we caught was roughly 75-80cm. Joining the metre club is always a possibility in your next cast no matter where you cast. The fish are everywhere from flats - up creeks - less than 2m and deep rock ledges.

Roughly twenty Murray Cod were caught with the smallest going 65cm - average size between 70-95 and four 1m+ fish.
Hint: Be sure to check out the Moon phases - Leading up to a full moon and out of a full moon seems to be popular with the locals. We fished a whole week around the full moon and it paid off.


Rod of choice: Shimano 1%er & Samaki Zing 7'9" 15-30lb
Reel of choice: (Majority of us are left handers) Concept A3 or (Right Hander) Shimano Tranx 300 
Braid of choice: Fins 40g - 45lb or Fins PRT Original 50lb
Leader of choice: Schnieder 55lb Mono
Lure of choice:
Sub Surface - Jackall Giganterel (only a few left in store not online yet)
Spinnerbait - Chartruese DT Bassman

Apparel of choice: (Prepare for the cold this time of year)
Stoney Creek Themolite or Long Bush Shirt 
Anything windproof is ideal!

This gear is a rough guideline and what we found best for casting big lures and staying warm! 

 "GREAT SUCCESS!" says JC, 2017.


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