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Storm: RIP Shad


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The Storm R.I.P Shad was born to chase true trophy fish. Whether it be murray cod, barramundi or mulloway, the appeal of a large profile swimbait is hard for predatory fish to ignore. The pulsating large boot tail of the R.I.P Shad kicks into gear on even the slowest of retrieves, making this a perfect choice for the keen barramundi or murray cod angler. The 18cm R.I.P Shad will appeal to a host of predatory fish species. With 6 great colours in the range this swimbait is perfectly matched to either the R.I.P Rigger head or R.I.P Multi-Depth Screw System to rig it up for fishing, or you can rig it on a standard style jighead to suit. 


• Unrigged soft shad for large predators 
• Rough belly ribs for extra vibration 
• Strong body roll with kickin’ tail action 
• Rig it your own way with different jig heads & hook rigs 

Length: 23m
Weight: 73g