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Storm: RIP Multi Depth Screw System


The R.I.P Multi-Depth Screw System is another option for rigging up oversize soft plastics for targeting truly giant fish. It features the same dual hook rig that the R.I.P Rigger has, however the R.I.P Multi-Depth Screw System features unique interchangeable weights that allows the angler to adjust the weight and running depth of their rig. Simply slide off the weight and choose between one of the three different weights that come inside the pack. 
The rig comes with a twin VMC Treble hook rig which can be positioned anywhere in the anglers' chosen soft plastic. 
The large pitch screw lock ensures perfectly straight rigging every time, and can be inserted and removed over 30 times in a single bait without sacrificing durability or grip of your chosen soft bait.

Light: 12cm long - 5,10,15g weights

Heavy: 14cm long - 15, 20, 25g weights