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Storm: RIP Curly


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The Storm R.I.P Curl takes what was so successful with the R.I.P Shad and evolves the concept with the ever lasting appeal of a curl tail soft plastic, except this one is mega sized! Whether you're a trophy mulloway angler, or perhaps you like barramundi or murray cod, the R.I.P Curl is something they've never seen before. A large profile curl tail grub plastic that offers a sizable meal for trophy fish. The large curl tail of the R.I.P Curl moves with even the slowest movement, tantalizingly waving from side to side as you retrieve the lure slowly. Rig it on an R.I.P Rigger head or R.I.P Multi-Depth Screw System or even rig it yourself on a regular jig head. Available in both a 20cm and 22cm size. 


• Unrigged soft curl tail grub for large predators 
• Rough belly ribs for extra vibration 
• Strong body roll with waving tail action 
• Rig it your own way with different jig heads & hook rigs 

Length: 22cm
Weight: 82g