Spotters Swift Sunglasses


Retro styling gets a bad rap these days, synonymous with the beards, Brylcreem and shoes with no socks.  But we’re not comfortable with the status quo of just bringing stuff back into fashion after 30 years of mothballs.  For retro to be relevant for the 21st Century, it must be reinvented.

The Swift lens shape is a classic, born in the 50’s and worn by sports celebrities and movie stars the world over.  To boost visual performance, we’ve incorporated Spotters signature lens curve to block glare and give you full UV protection.  Swift’s frame material technology is strong and durable yet flexible and light – something sunglass creators of the 50s could only have dreamed about.  We’ve moulded a slim temple to keep your peripheral vision clear, completing the look with a hook end to keep your sunnies secure no matter how active you get.

Swift has been built for action.  Styled for life