Spotters Sophia Sunglasses


Before creating Sophia, we realised that our range was missing a little something.  Of course we had the best visual clarity we could offer, we had incredibly comfortable frames and we had some gorgeous styling.  What we were missing ladies, was a little dazzle!  We went back to the classics, drawing inspiration from the grand dames of the last century – Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gardiner.  We wanted to design and create eyewear worthy of the style and elegance of these gorgeous ladies.  We started with an oversize lens and added the intricate metal work detailing at the temples.  But something was still missing.  We experimented with additional, finer metalwork, crystal of all sizes and colours, pearls, metallic frame finishes.  But true to old school elegance, they key was to keep it simple.  Two eye-catching crystals embedded within the metal work, a choice of gloss black or metallic pearl brown frame finishes and the best optical clarity lenses available, and Sophia was born.

Sophia Black - Available in Penetrator, Halide, Stone, CR-39 Copper and CR-39 Grey

Sophia Brown - Available in Penetrator, Halide and CR-39 Copper