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Spotters Ruby Sunglasses


Ruby was designed for the people who want to look amazing while experiencing comfort and full glare reduction.  The problem is most of the fashionable frames around have huge lenses, which is no good if you have high cheekbones or you have a small to medium size face.  So we designed Ruby with a nice tight wrap – it encloses your eyes and peripheral effortlessly, blocking glare even under the harshest conditions.  We created a gorgeous square shape and then rounded off the corners slightly for a softer look.  We added slim temples to keep the total frame weight down, and included some understated chrome detailing for extra luxury and styling.

Ruby Black – Available in Penetrator, Halide, Stone, Emerald, Ice Blue Mirror, Nexus, Platinum, Gold Leaf and CR-39 Copper, Emerald or Grey

Ruby Brown – Available in Penetrator, Halide and CR-39 Copper