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Shimano: Chronarch MGL


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Ultra-lightweight and top level performance is the best way to describe the new Chronarch MGL series. In pursuit of effortless casting and smooth winding, Shimano’s new Magnum Light spool design incorporates a unique porting technique that allows for precision cut holes to be inserted into the side of the spool. This advancement significantly reduces weight and creates a low moment of inertia, meaning that less effort is required to propel the spool into motion when cast. As a result casting distance is increased by 15% when compared to the same capacity of a standard spool. With casting distance covered, maximum control and accuracy is made possible with the new SVS Infinity brake system that easily allows for fine tuning using the external dial. To further enhance precision, Micro Module and X-Ship combine to form a powerful yet precise gear system that is available in two ratios, 6.2:1 and 7.1:1. When under load, the Chronarch MGL performs superbly, outputting up to 5kg of max drag pressure and giving you the ultimate confidence in remaining connected to your prized catch. Shimano’s coveted CI4+ body construction further adds to that ultra-lightweight feeling and enables the Chronarch MGL to weigh in at a mere 185g. Backed up with 8+1 S A-RB bearings, and finished in stunning silver and black tones, the Chronarch MGL is the perfect baitcaster for keen freshwater anglers.