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Secrets of Sambar - Volume 3

Secrets of Sambar

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  • Evolution of the Sambar As Prey of Tiger, Leopard, Wild Dog & Man


  • Anti-Predator Strategies & How They Employ Them
  • How Sambar Respond to Humans & Hunting Pressure
  • A Day in the Life of a Family Group
  • A Day in the Life of a Stag
  • Communication - Audible and Visual
  • The Role of Wallows - Results of a Two Year Study


  • Plants Used by Sambar
  • Logging Coups
  • Where Monster Stags Roam


  • How Choose the Right Binocular
  • Hunting from Tree Stands and Ground Hides - How to Hunt From Them
  • Bow Hunting Tips & The Biggest Bow Shot Stags
  • Air Currents and Wind Direction- What Every Stalker Should Know
  • Adjust Strategies to the Conditions
  • Hunting with Hounds
  • Tribute to a Hunting Great
  • Australia’s Top Stags
  • Sambar Red Hybrid Monster


  • Forest to Plate


  • QDM for Sambar
  • QDM for Sambar - A Case Study
  • To Cull or Not to Cull - Causes of Malformation & How We Should Respond

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