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Secrets of Sambar - Volume 2

Secrets of Sambar

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The Sensory System

Full colour images of the highest quality are used to demonstrate how sambar use the three most used senses - smell, vision and hearing - to detect predators, humans included.

Dominance Hierarchy

Explains how a complete age structure of stags is able to live together in relative harmony and answers the often asked question, "If you shoot the dominant stag, how long before another moves in?" It describes methods used by stags to establish dominance without resorting to actual combat, but describes several blow by blow contests between stags intent on killing each other.

Australia’s Top Stags

Includes photos of the stag plus highly educational stories as to how Australia’s #7, #9 and #10 sambar stags were taken.

The Mating System

Full and double page enlargements of high quality images shows stags testing the receptivity of hinds and a hind giving birth. The sambar’s mating system is described from A to Z and explains why sambar do not rut like red and fallow deer.


This chapter describes the recycling and regenerating power of nature from the moment everything has been reduced to ash to the succulent and nutritious regrowth which follows. Explains the immediate to long term effects on sambar survival, reproduction and antler growth. Includes where to find sambar from the moment the bush has burned and in the months and years afterwards.

Utility Gun Dogs

Covers puppy selection, training and effective strategies for hunting sambar with a gun dog. Includes top tips from several expert sambar hunters.

Hunting by Scent

This unique chapter, based upon scientific research conducted in the UK in the 1920’s, identifies the precise nature of scent, what it is and how long it lasts in various weather conditions and what causes it to dissipate. When and why scent will be good and when and why it will be bad is discussed in detail. It explains how hounds and gundogs track and find sambar and how sambar use scent to detect predators – including humans.

Our Dianas of Hunting

How a mother and daughter harvested their trophy sambar stags, one with the help of their English Pointer.

Tactics for Wallows

If you ambush just any wallow you are wasting your precious hunting time. By teaching you which is the best wallow to ambush, why it’s the best, how to build and where to position your hide, this book will help you get the most out of your time in the bush.

Hunting the Sub-Alpine

Learn how sambar use this unique habitat very differently to habitats at lower elevations. The ‘Special Tactics’ required for consistent success when hunting the sub-alpine are covered step by step.

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