Olight M3XS-UT Javelot with scope mounts and charger


If you are a hunter you may have already heard of the Olight M3XS Ultra Throw (UT) Javelot, or know someone who has one. With a large reflector to get the best out of the de domed Cree XP-L LED, the Olight M3XS UT Javelot is rated for 1,000 metres. The Olight M3XS UT LED torch has a very useful 3 brightness levels spanning from a tiny 3 lumens out to the full 1,200 lumens for maximum throw. There is also a strobe mode for those who need that. You can power your Olight M3XS UT with two of our 18650 batteries or 3 x CR123A batteries, your choice and the decision is easy with the included extender tube. There is a tail switch with an extra side switch for easy changing between the different levels. Built to Olight quality throughout, the M3XS UT Javelot is aircraft grade aluminium which is then anodised with Mil-spec Type III hard anodising. This is by far and away the best LED hunting torch Olight makes and should be your first choice for hunting use.

The Olight M3XS UT Ultra Throw Javelot LED Torch is a huge name for a huge throwing torch, well suited to hunting, search and rescue, forestry and anywhere a long throwing LED torch is required. The Olight M3XS UT provides a spot surrounded by flood beam, similar to what you would get from a good Powabeam spotlight.

Waterproof to two metres with its IPX8 rating the Olight M3X Ultra Throw Javelot is supplied with an extension tube to enable the use of 2 x 18650 batteries, battery magazine and holster. Two spare O-rings are in the kit.

The Olight M3XS UT is easily mounted to your rifle by either a scope mount or a magnetic barrel mount, or even one of your existing rifle torch mounts.

If you are a hunter who would like to rifle mount this torch we have a few kits which will suit you. The Olight M3X UT Javelot is available with  a charger and battery kit and magnetic mount or scope mount and pressure switch. The ultimate hunters kit has battery and charger with pressure switch and magnetic mount.

Any Olight torches purchased from olight.com.au are clearly Genuine Australian Olight stock and fully warranted and supported in Australia.