Jarvis Walker: Solid Series

Jarvis Walker

The Solid Series are just that: solid! These no-nonsense fibreglass rods have tough old-school designs for anglers who know Jarvis Walker can still 'make 'em like they used to'. Applications range from estuary and light spin to strong boat rods.
Code Model Product Style Met. Pc Rating
10001 Solid Series Black Queen Spinning Rods 2.35m 2/P 2-5kg
10002 Solid Series Black Queen Deluxe Spinning Rods 2.40m 2/P 2-5kg
10008 Solid Series Hawkesbury Spinning Rods 1.55m 2/P 4-10kg
10011 Solid Series Longneck Spinning Rods 1.40m 1/P 5-10kg
10013 Solid Series Stubbie Spinning Rods 1.25m 1/P 4-8kg
10014 Solid Series Stubbie Deluxe Spinning Rods 1.1m 1/P 4-8kg