Jackall Pompadour



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Jackall Pompadour

The Jackall Pompadour is a staple surface lure for many Aussie fish, in particular Murray Cod.

The Pompadour can fished as simply as cast and slow retrieve, or by twitching and shaking it under trees or above snags to entice even the most timid of predators. Don't be afraid to mix the two retrieves up for an even more irresistible action.

The rattling internals imitate a Cicada struggling, or a panicking bird on the waters surface. The buzz blade on the rear of the pompadour assists in making a solid bubble trail that helps to alert fish to where your lure is! The wings pull the whole scenario together with their freestyle action to form possibly the coolest action and noisiest topwater lure you’ll ever use.

All this noise and commotion have been a recipe for success with the Pompadour. This lure is the king of calling in predatory fish from a distance and getting explosive surface detonations from hungry surface feeders. 

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