Jackall: Gantarel


Displaying unparalleled realism in both design and action, the Jackall Gantarel is a three piece panfish swimbait that attracts strikes from giant bass. Attention to detail is second to none in the Gantarel swimbait with a number of color patterns intended to match different species of panfish and baitfish including bluegill, crappie, golden shad and more. When you see this in the water you're honestly going to have a difficult time distinguishing it from the bluegill in the area - its realism is uncanny. From the anatomically correct body extend pectoral fins which are intended to serve as balance keeping the swimbait upright even when worked with quick twitches or rapid pops of the rod's tip. The Jackall Gantarel is a slow sinking swimbait which displays an S-motion swimming action much like other jointed hard baits and can easily be maneuvered to achieve 180 degree turns on a dime inciting reaction strikes from big bass that weren't yet committed to striking. Videos of the bait have been posted showing bass in tanks even falling victim to the seductive action and realism of the Gantarel.

Slow Floating
Length: 152mm (6")

Weight: 69g (2.45oz)