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Jackall: DowzSwimmer 220


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The new DOWZSWIMMER Designed by the famous Takuma Hata AKA “Dowzer” is the new big bait to hit the market the Dowzswimmer.  This 3 segment glide swimbait is the newest arsenal to hit the Aussie Shores.  It has a very smooth S shaped action and can be twitched/jerked to cause a darting action without disturbance.

Castablity is improved with this lure, the triple joint body is much more aerodynamic and reduces “doll action” affect.

This lure was brought to us at Trelly's Tackle Spectacular by Harry Watson and Dean Norbiato. They showed us and Shepparton locals how dynamic the action is and how you can turn the DowzSwimmer back around in a 180 degree motion so that its face to face with the predator species you're targetting - Dean Norbiato. "Turn this lure face to face with a Murray cod and they cant resist".

Weight: 3.6oz
Length: 220mm