Daiwa: Blazon 100H


Model Gear Ratio Ball Bearings Weight (g) Drag Pressure (kg) Spool Capacity
100H 6.3 (67 cm) 5+1 225 5 5.4kg /135m, 7.6kg/100m, PE 1.5/200m

Dark and brooding in looks yet bold and outgoing in performance the new Daiwa Blazon 100H shows that the dark knight has risen in the baitcaster world. The Blazon’s dark and understated low profile aluminium frame sits effortlessly in the hand and combines with its advanced technologies and designs to ultimately impresses in style and engage in performance.

Utilising many of Daiwa’s best baitcaster design features including Magforce, UTD and Swept Handle, and a spec sheet that includes a 6.3:1 and 7.1:1 retrieve ratio, 6 ball bearings, including 2 CRBBs for ultimate corrosion resistance and reel longevity, and 5kg of drag, the Blazon is pimped and fully equipped for baitcaster excellence.

Weighing in at 225grams the Blazon is lean and mean where it counts, yet refined and precision designed where it’s needed. A combination that many reels aspire to have but few budget priced reels fully achieve.

A stunning and harmonious marriage of looks, performance, strength, and value the Blazon is the new kid on the block for those on a budget and those looking for power and performance in a reel.

  • Magforce
  • UTD
  • Swept Handle