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Daiwa: Alphas Air


Model Gear Ratio #Ball Bearings Wt. (g) Drag (Kg) Spool Capacity
AIR 5.8 Right 5.8 (58 cm) 6+1 165 4 3.6kg/50m
AIR 5.8 Left 5.8 (58 cm) 6+1 165 4 3.6kg/50m
AIR 7.2 Right 7.2 (71 cm) 6+1 165 4 3.6kg/50m
AIR 7.2 Left 7.2 (71 cm) 6+1 165 4 3.6kg/50m

Legendary status is probably not unwarranted when true enthusiasts consider the Alphas name. With an enviable reputation and revered by tackle junkies world wide, the Alphas has been released in a number of iterations since the early 2000’s. Enter the Alphas Air, built on the foundations of old with the latest and greatest technologies of now, it will be a force to be reckoned with.

With finesse at its core, the new Alphas Air features a tough, compact body design built on a super metal main body. Housing a G1 Duralumin AIR spool, it delivers unrivalled casting performance with ultra lightweights, resulting from its lighter, stronger, and faster design. The super metal body has been treated for saltwater use, making it the ultimate finesse saltwater reel.

Experience ultimate control and precision, and extremely low backlash when casting ultra-light weights with this reel, due to the combination of Daiwa’s G1 spool technology and the inclusion of the legendary Magforce-Z cast control system and Airbrake. These technologies work in unison for ultimate casting ease and performance.

Drag is delivered via the smooth, powerful UTD. Strong, smooth and unrelenting in performance, UTD will give you the power and finesse to control whatever crosses your angling path, while ultimate cranking control is available through a large swept handle.

The new Alphas Air incorporates many of Daiwa’s latest innovations and unparalleled designs delivering a reinvigorated and stylish, small profile baitcaster to the finesse angler, and rejuvenating the Alphas brand.