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Champion Wheelybird Clay Thrower



Wheely Bird Auto -Feed Trap - Part No. CH40909
This compact, ultra-mobile trap features lightweight construction and a two-wheeled frame with pull handle for ease of handling. What WheelyBird lacks in size and weight, it makes up for with power; targets can be launched upwards of 50 metres!

Also features: Quick, 2-second cycle time for continuous action
  • Adjustable launch angle, up to 30 degree elevation
  • Throws both 108mm or 110mm Targets
  • Detachable 50 clay magazine
  • 8mtr release pedal cord
  • More than 3,000 throws from a fully charged 12 volt deep cycle battery
  • On/Off/Safe Release switch
  • Arm safety ring provides visual indication of throwing arm path.

Not compatible with Oscillator or Wobbler attachments