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Bassman Spinnerbaits: Impoundment Murray Cod Series

Bassman Spinnerbaits

Bassman Spinnerbaits

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The Bassman Impoundment Murray Cod Series is for fisherman looking to buy a suitable spinnerbait to retrieve at a deeper depth. The large willow blade, single wire, 1 oz design is made for minimum water resistance with maximum flash for chasing murray cod down deep in impoundments like Lake Eildon, VIC and Copeton, NSW.


Australia’s leading manufacturer of custom made Spinnerbaits for the tournament angler, diehard fisherman and people who just want to catch fish.

Made and manufactured in Australia using top quality components and silicone skirt material.

Let Bassman build your own winning spinnerbait. We have a proven track record for attracting all freshwater and saltwater species.

From 1/8 oz for trout and bream right through to the heavy weight 2 1/2 oz for deep trolling for Big Murray cod, xl yellowbelly and any other large predator. These individually hand crafted spinnerbaits, mumblers and buzzbaits are constructed with quality components.

One of the world’s best spinnerbait ball bearing swivels. Stainless steel spring wire. Round bend Chemically Sharpened hooks. Pulsating silicone and metal flake skirts.

And one of the largest assortment of blades from Lacquered marine brass and nickel to copper, black and gold plated.


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