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Firearm Storage

Below are the links for all Victorian storage requirements. 

Storage requirements for a firearm licence (Category A and B longarms)

Storage requirements for a firearm licence (Category C and D longarms, general category handguns)

Storage requirements for collectors licences

Storage requirements for heirlooms licences

Storage requirements for ammunition collectors licences


Storing firearms at Trelly's in Shepparton..

**Online Terms and Condition**

Firearms Storage Contract - Terms and Conditions
1) Firearms left for storage are subject to Trelly's Tackle World fees and government charges as follows:

  • A minimum charge of $30 applies to each contract, payable in store at its commencement. 
  • Storage fees will be charged at $10 per month / per firearm.  
  • Firearms being stored relating to licence expiry or an intervention order are required by law to be transferred to Trelly's Fishing & Hunting. A fee of $20 per firearm is payable plus the value of the permit.

2) After 12 months, uncollected firearms are subject to the Uncollected Goods Act 1961. Trelly's Fishing & Hunting will make every effort to contact the owner however does not accept responsibility for the firearms sold to recover costs.

3) Although every precaution is taken, firearms left for storage are not covered against theft, rust or damage. All firearms should be stored in a padded gun bag.

4) Firearms will be transferred into the dealers name or surrendered to police for destruction if the owners licence expires and remains expired for 28 days during the period of storage.