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Coping with Copeton

by Shepparton Trellys May 18, 2017

So Copeton hey....  

Lets just say we had the knowledge and gear coming out our ears. We were set. I'll keep this story short so simply put - If you're planning on taking a trip to Copeton make sure you pack some spare time in your pockets. The Murray Cod up there are next level, but when you put a 70+ hour week in on the water it takes it out of you!

Here's a very quick overview of the week! For more info about Copeton, chat to one of the pro staff at Trelly's Shepparton!


There is a lot of social media hype about Copeton (Its true about the BIG COD!) but I'd like to clear up what I think you should expect in a fishing session at Copeton other than the freezing cold this time of year.


Average Session - 0 -2 hits, 0-1 Hook up

Great session - 2 - 4 hits, 1-2 Hook up

 Awesome AF Session 4+


The Murray Cod in Copeton may be only bigger because we were using nothing smaller than 180mm although we found that the average fish we caught was roughly 75-80cm. Joining the metre club is always a possibility in your next cast no matter where you cast. The fish are everywhere from flats - up creeks - less than 2m and deep rock ledges.

Roughly twenty Murray Cod were caught with the smallest going 65cm - average size between 70-95 and four 1m+ fish.
Hint: Be sure to check out the Moon phases - Leading up to a full moon and out of a full moon seems to be popular with the locals. We fished a whole week around the full moon and it paid off.


Rod of choice: Shimano 1%er & Samaki Zing 7'9" 15-30lb
Reel of choice: (Majority of us are left handers) Concept A3 or (Right Hander) Shimano Tranx 300 
Braid of choice: Fins 40g - 45lb or Fins PRT Original 50lb
Leader of choice: Schnieder 55lb Mono
Lure of choice:
Sub Surface - Jackall Giganterel (only a few left in store not online yet)
Spinnerbait - Chartruese DT Bassman

Apparel of choice: (Prepare for the cold this time of year)
Stoney Creek Themolite or Long Bush Shirt 
Anything windproof is ideal!

This gear is a rough guideline and what we found best for casting big lures and staying warm! 

 "GREAT SUCCESS!" says JC, 2017.


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Shepparton Trellys
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